Lead Nurse for Nutrition Liz Anderson from Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust joins us for episode of 2 of the NGPODCAST

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Liz Anderson is Lead Nurse for Nutrition at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust in the UK. She joined the trust as Nutrition Nurse Specialist in 2007 whilst also joining the National Nutrition Nurse Group (NNNG) in the same year before being voted chair in 2010. 

Liz has represented the NNNG on a number of projects with NHS England, Public Health England, the Department of Health, NNCE & the RCN, is a council member for BAPEN AND a member of the Royal College of Physicians Nutrition Committee. She has also been published a number of times in various reputable nursing journals and continues to maintain her national profile to raise awareness on the importance of nutrition. 


Timestamps: 01:20 – Tell us about your role as a Lead Nutrition Nurse 

04:00 – Organisations and campaigns you’ve been involved with outside your day job, and which campaigns you are still involved with now? 

08:20 – Liz discusses her recent article published in the Nursing Times – Ensuring patients with COVID-19 receive good nutritional care https://www.nursingtimes.net/clinical… 

08:45 – How is nutritional assessment affected in COVID-19 patients vs the non-COVID population, are there any changes to nutritional assessment that clinicians need to be aware of? 

11:33 – Do the changes in nutritional assessment extend out into the community as well? 

13:30 – COVID-19 patients are more likely to need NG feeding – is that something anecdotally something other nutrition nurses are talking about around the UK? 

16:00 – Increase in need to enterally feed patients in the Acute setting, what challenges does that increase present to people on the front line of care? 

17:59 – Are there any other areas of practice that you think might need to be addressed in general, rather than just in COVID-19 patients when preparing for if this was to happen again? 

20:35 – Can you explain the difference in view between Public Health England (PHE) & British Association for Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN) on the insertion of an NG tube being an Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP)? 

25:30 – Difference in management of NGT’s in patients with COVID-19 that are often being nursed prone supine, what are the considerations for these patients as opposed to how NG fed patients are usually positioned and managed? 

27:50 – Liz’s discusses BAPEN’s Aide-Memoire on Nasogastric tube placement checks before first use in critical care settings during the COVID-19 response https://www.bapen.org.uk/pdfs/covid-1… 

31:15 – Marcus and Liz discuss the lack of awareness and focus on mouth care and WHY it is important for COVID patients than the general NG Feeding population 


Liz’s Social LinksTwitter: https://twitter.com/nutritionlizA 

Liz Anderson, Ensuring patients with COVID-19 receive good nutritional care – https://www.nursingtimes.net/clinical… 

BAPEN’S NGSIG (Nasogastric Tube Special Interest Group of BAPEN Position Paper on Nasogastric Tube Safety https://www.bapen.org.uk/pdfs/ngsig/a… 

Link to BAPEN’s aide-memoire on Nasogastric tube placement checks before first use in Critical Care settings during the COVID-19 response https://www.bapen.org.uk/pdfs/covid-1… 


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