A Revolution in NG Tube Placement Safety – the Nasogastric (NG) Tube Placement Confirmation Device


NGPOD® Handheld Device

NHSSC Code: FWM4155


The NGPOD®-01 should be used with the NGPOD® Sensor-01, when used together it will provide the clinician with a simple YES/NO result for indicating placement of a Nasogastric (NG) tube. As a result, the NGPOD® system removes the need to aspirate gastric contents from the patient, reduces clinical interpretation risk by providing a safe bedside test which gives the user an unambiguous yes or no result. It also reduces the need for unnecessary X-rays to confirm placement and offers patient safety, clinician and cost-efficiency benefits.


NGPOD® Disposable Sensor

MPC: NGPOD Sensor 01-092
NHSSC Code: FWM4157


Using a bespoke fibre-optic, we have developed a patented Fibre-Optic Sensor which we manufacture in the UK. When used with the NGPOD®-01, the fibre-optic transmits light from the POD, detecting a response from the environment at the tip of the sensor (which sits inside the distal end of the nasogastric tube once inserted) providing a result in c.15 seconds.
Sensor is single use and must be disposed after each patient use.



Lengths available – 92cm

Compatible with commonly used Nasogastric (NG) tubes 6Fr and above

We are committed to maintaining a Quality Management System, achieving ISO:13485 accreditation in March 2019.


Requires no aspiration

Reduces need for unnecessary x-ray to confirm placement

Facilitates safer NG tube placement confirmation


We are committed to maintaining a Quality Management System, achieving ISO:13485 (2016) accreditation.

If your institution is interested in evaluating the NGPOD® please don't hesitate to get in touch.