About Us

In 2014, NGPod acquired intellectual property and technology with the potential to revolutionise the placement of nasogastric feeding tubes on a global level. Our founder has a proven track record in the healthcare technology sector driven by a focus on the patient safety journey.
Through engagement with clinicians and patients, our highly skilled team have been involved in the development and delivery of innovative products for almost 30 years. We will soon be ready to deliver this highly-anticipated advancement into the hands of healthcare professionals.

The team

Stephen Thorpe

As founder and CEO, my priority is to make sure we are in the right markets, with the right products.

We do this through engagement with Key Opinion Leaders to identify, solve and deliver solutions to safety and efficiency issues that clinicians experience in their day-to-day practice. 'Listen, Develop, Deliver' is the underpinning process that has driven our success to date.

The future for us is to expand our scope as a driver and enabler for improving safety and efficiency in clinical practice.

Adam Partington
Operations Manager

John Davies
Product Development Engineer

Cameron Thorpe
Marketing Manager

Denisa Khan
Executive Assistant to CEO